Prepump Filter

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Extend Your Pump's Lifespan with Our Prepump Filter

Is your Zebra proportioning pump operating at its full potential? A crucial step towards maintaining its efficiency is to ensure the prevention of impurities. Our Prepump Filter is designed specifically to assist in this endeavor.

Our Prepump Filter is an integral part of your Zebra Proportioning Pump's maintenance. It functions to catch and filter out any contaminants before they can reach the pump, extending the lifespan of your pump and improving its overall performance.

The package includes both male and female brass fittings for easy installation, plus a plastic connector to ensure a secure fit. These high-quality components ensure a sturdy and reliable setup that can withstand the rigorous demands of your operations.

With our Prepump Filter, you're not just investing in a product, but also in the longevity and efficiency of your Zebra Proportioning Pump.

Product #: MIXPPX75

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