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ZVA8-* Sidewinder Tube Skimmer

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Experience Unparalleled Oil Skimming with the Sidewinder Tube Skimmer

Have you ever wished for a reliable solution that could reach the tightest spaces and swiftly remove oil, even off the floor? Introducing the ZVA8-* Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer – your go-to answer for tricky tramp oil issues. The Sidewinder is agile, bending around corners and squeezing through narrow slits, and can be relocated from one machine to another within minutes. All this with the guarantee of “American-Made, American-Quality” and proudly manufactured right here in our Solon, OH facility.

Your purchase includes:
- 1 ZVA 28 rpm continuous duty 115v motor skimmer
- 1 0il discharge hose
- 1 tube included

Noteworthy Features of the ZVA8- Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer:

  • User-friendly: Equipped with an integrated ON/OFF switch for convenience.
  • Durable: Features a continuous-duty, fan-cooled motor.
  • Smart Design: Boasts a large discharge port to prevent clogging and industrial-strength ceramic scrapers for effective oil removal.

Wondering how to determine the optimal reach or OAL (Overall Length?) Click to learn how to determine reach for a belt skimmer. Get the ZVA8-* Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer and witness the transformation in your oil skimming process. It’s not just a tool; it’s a game-changer.

The ZVA8 Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer model is manufactured in our Solon, OH facility and is one of the best solutions for skimming tramp oil.

Product Specifications:

Skimmer Type:
Tube Skimmer
8" - 101"
Engine Speed: 28 rpm @ .11 HP
Tube Material:
Polyvinyl Industrial Grade Tubing
Manufactured Origin: USA
Warranty: Lifetime
Skimming Capacity: 1 quart per hour.
Motor: 60 Hz
Max Operating Temperature: 30ºC / 90ºF
Frequency / Voltage: 60 Hz / 120 V
Mounting Accessories: Diverter, Magnetic Base, BGX2 with lockjaw™
Shipping Weight: 8.5 Pounds

Product Videos:

How the ZVA Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer works

The Sidewinder™ Tramp Oil Skimmer uses a oleophilic (oil-attracting) tube to pick up oil from the sump. The metal O-ring attached to the tube is for stability as the tube cycles through the coolant. A small white o-ring removes the oil attached to the clear tube and discharges that into the discharge port. The Tube Skimmer is rated at 1 quart per hour. Equipped with a reliable continuous-duty motor, the skimmer can operate effortlessly throughout the day or for a few hours, ensuring the cleanliness of your sump tank. Moreover, the skimmer can be configured with an external timer, enabling automated skimming without manual intervention. The Sidewinder Tube Skimmers fits in your hand and can mount under a chip conveyor, or on the side of any tank with several available mounting accessories.

Mounting Options for the ZVA8 Sidewinder

  1. The unit will not mount directly to the BGX2 LockJaw™ Mount we now offer an adapter that allows the LockJaw™ to be mounted to the ZVA (BGX2.ZVA). Both items must be purchased for this configuration to work. Please see accessories.
  2. Add a BGST4 diverter which will allow you to mount the unit to a LockJaw™ accessory (diverters pay for themselves in saved coolant!!). The diverter uses up 2″ of reach.
  3. Quick mount the unit using the Magnetic Base Option (ZXB8-MAG). See the videos.


  • All ZVA Sidewinder Models with the -08 suffix have an 8 inch reach (discharge from mounting point to tube end). Longer reaches are also available up to 95 inches in 3 inch increments. ZVA Models requires access of 1/2 inch by 3 inches either horizontally or vertically.
  • Maximum fluid temperature for the tubing is 90°F (30°C.)
  • 220v, 50 Hz European models available by adding “E” to the end of the part number (not for use in the United States)
  • Motor power requirements are very much dependent upon individual situations and can not be exactly determined. If this is information that is being used to set a limit for a fuse, then a professional fuse engineer should be consulted because there are many types to choose from.

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