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Smart Disk Skimmer

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Zebra Skimmers Lifetime Warranty

Boost Efficiency and Savings with Smart Disk Skimmers

The Smart Disk Skimmers are an excellent tramp oil skimming solutions for managing heavy oil loads. Choose from our original disk skimmer or the more advanced smart disk oil skimmer with the integrated Diverter™.  The Diverter helps separate tramp oil from your coolant and then returns clean coolant to your sump. The Smart Disk Skimmer is covered by our Lifetime warranty.

Your purchase includes:
- 1 Smart Disk Skimmer with a 2 or 7 rpm continuous duty 115v motor (based on order)
- 1 set of wipers
- 1 disk (either a 12" or 18") based on purchase

Key Features for Smart Disk Skimmers

  • Cost-Effective: Save nearly $300 compared to other disk skimmers in the market. It’s the most economical disk skimmer designed specifically for coolant use.
  • Intelligent Technology: Equipped with our integrated Diverter™, our skimmers recognize the difference between tramp oil and oil in coolant.
  • Durability: Built with heavy-duty steel construction to ensure longevity and reliable service.
  • Disk Options: High impact (White) and High Temp (Black). Picture with black disk shows a high temp disk installed.

Product Specifications:

Skimmer Type: Disk Skimmer
Reach: 12" Disk - 4.5", 18" Disk - 7.5"
Motor Speed (Standard) 115 VAC / 7 rpm
Disk Types: High-Impact or High Temp
Disk Size:
12" or 18"
Warranty: 90-days. Lifetime on wipers
12" Disk Skimming Capacity: Approx. 2 quarts per hour
18" Disk Skimming Capacity: Approx. 3 quarts per hour
Max Disk Temperature: High Impact - 90ºF, High Temp - 212ºF
Optional Motor: 115 VAC / 2 rpm
Special Feature: Built in Diverter
Country of Origin: USA

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Smart Disk Skimmers helps mitigate coolant wasted during the skimming process and with the attached diverter which returns clean coolant to the sump. Zebra’s offers two disk skimmers, our original disk skimmer and the smart disk oil skimmer. Both are ideal for handling heavier oil loads. The Smart Disk Skimmer separates the tramp oil and returns clean coolant to the tank.


  • Warranties: Lifetime warranty on wipers and 90-day on disks
  • 220v International models available by adding "E" to the end of part number [not for US use]

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