Coolant Odor Control Tablets

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Revitalize Your CNC Coolant with Our Coolant Odor Control Tablets

Does your machine coolant give off an unpleasant odor? Safely rebalance your CNC coolant with our Coolant Odor Control Tablets, designed specifically for industrial applications. These tablets are an efficient solution for addressing issues related to improper aeration or aging coolant batches, providing a quick and reliable method to neutralize foul odors. Please note that these tablets are intended exclusively for machine shops and are not suitable for residential sump pump applications.

Our Coolant Odor Control Tablets are packed with features, including:

  • Efficacious Odor Elimination: Effectively suppresses sump odors stemming from bacterial emissions such as hydrogen sulfide.
  • Safe for Most Coolants: When used as directed, these tablets are compatible with a wide range of coolant types.
  • Economical Dosage: One tablet is enough to treat 25 gallons of coolant for two weeks, making it a cost-effective solution.
  • Safer Alternative: Offers a safer, non-toxic alternative to conventional biocides, as they contain no formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each tube contains 15 tablets, and each tablet measures 2" in diameter for easy handling. Each tablet weights 25 grams.

Take control of your sump's odor issue with our Coolant Odor Control Tablets, and experience a more pleasant and efficient working environment. 

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