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Machinist Venturi Mixers: Consistency and Quality in Every Mix

Experience a new level of precision with our Machinist Venturi Mixers. Designed for coolant fluid mixing, these mixers create superior emulsions that result in consistently perfect concentration values. That’s not just science – it’s the art of craftsmanship, enhancing your coolant’s sump and tool life while improving machined surfaces. Plus, imagine the savings on your raw material usage.

IMPORTANT: The discharge tube’s maximum length should not exceed 40-inches. The arrow on the top of the unit displays the inbound water line and the exit direction for the discharge hose. Please follow this when connecting the mixer for optimum results or your mixer may not work. 

Why Choose Our Machinist Venturi Mixers?

  • Separate Water Shut-off Valve: For ultimate control over your mixing process.
  • High-Quality Materials: Machined from solid bronze casting with a robust galvanized steel stand pipe.
  • Maximum Viscosity: Handles up to 500 SUS with ease.
  • 40-Inch Discharge Tube: Just the right length for optimal delivery.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Fits drums, pails, or totes.
  • Mixer Lockout (#MIXXLOCK): Prevent tampering and ensure the consistency of your mixes.
  • Garden Hose Attachment: For added convenience, purchase a mixer swivel accessory (see accessories below).

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Proper fluid mixing provides superior emulsions resulting in consistent concentration values. Maintaining consistent concentration values extends sump and tool life while improving machined surfaces. It also provides a savings for raw material usage.


  • Machined needle valve
  • Locknut below dial holds mixing reference
  • Standpipe check valve keeps mixing chamber loaded
Part Number GPM Low Percent High Percent Max Mix Ratio Range psi In Out
MIX0327 3 0 7 1:15 25-75 3/8" 1/2"
MIX03725 3 0 25 1:4 25-75 3/8" 1/2"
MIX1027 10 0 7 1:15 25-75 1/2" 3/4"
MIX10725 10 0 25 1:4 25-75 1/2" 3/4"

Venturi machinist mixers require a minimum pressure of 25 psi. Additionally, the discharge tube length is limited, as always, to 40-inches (this is the length of supplied discharge tubing.) For situations requiring longer discharge tube lengths , or when plumbing to multiple CNC’s, always use a Proportioning Pump.

With a 5-gallon pail marked in gallons, fill the pail to the one gallon mark with the water valve fully opened. If you fill to the 1 gallon mark in 20 seconds there is enough pressure for our 3 gpm unit. If you fill to the 1 gallon mark in 6 seconds there is enough pressure for our 10 gpm unit. Formula: 60 / seconds to fill to one gallon. Example from above: 60 / 20 = 3 gallons per minute.

If you can fill to the 1 gallon mark in:

20 seconds - choose the MIX0327 or MIX03725
6 seconds - choose the MIX1027 or MIX10725 (or either 3-gallon mixer if the coolant viscosity is less than 500SUS.)


In general, use a Proportioning Pump to mix coolants with viscosities greater than 500 SUS. However, the 10gpm MIX10725 has proven up to the challenge in the field (contact us for details).

Note: Machinist mixers may not be compatible with Fuchs ECOCOOL S741 coolant.

Important note: During the hot summer month if your coolant is not store in a temperature control environment, the mixer may not function correctly. Please see our FAQ graphic in the side bar on how to address.

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