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Coolant Proportioning Pump: Precise Mixing, Maximum Efficiency

Simplify your coolant management with our Water Powered Proportioning Pumps. These powerhouses can mix any coolant, delivering the perfect mixture across your shop floor – virtually any distance. When precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are non-negotiable, machine shops rely on our solution. If you are using a coolant (eg: ExtremeCut) with a viscosity greater than 500SUS please select a 12 gpm model or higher.

By controlling the fluid ratio meticulously, our proportioning pumps slash waste and minimize the consumption of expensive chemicals or additives. They make sure you’re using just the right amount of each component, optimizing your cost efficiency.

And it doesn’t stop there – this is a vital component of the Dazzle™ 1 Semi Automated Coolant Concentration Management system.

Why Our Coolant Proportioning Pump is Your Top Choice:

  • Impressive Delivery Range: Capable of delivering fluid 25′ vertically and 800′ laterally.
  • Customizable Flow Rates: Choose from 7gpm, 12gpm, or 25gpm, based on your needs.
  • Flexible Concentration Ranges: Adjust from .06 to 35 for precise control.
  • Includes a Clear Intake Hose: 6′ plastic coolant intake hose perfect for drums and totes.
  • Wall Mount Configuration Available: For easy access and space optimization.
  • High Viscosity Capacity: Suitable for concentrates up to 700 SUS viscosity.
  • Pressure Requirements: Requires incoming water supply pressure between 10-70 psi.
  • Robust Construction: Built from heavy-duty stainless steel for longevity.
  • Water Driven & Non-Electrical: Efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly.
  • Minimizes Coolant Waste: Reducing costs and promoting sustainability.

Welcome to the future of coolant management. Step up to precision, efficiency, and sustainability with our Coolant Proportioning Pump.


Your coolant is drawn in through the bottom port (A) and metered by the adjustable screw (B) for a constant amount of water being drawn in through the fitting (C) on the other side. The entire arm (D) moves back and forth so that your coolant is being injected into the water stream. The mixing occurs at the exit fitting (E), and proceeds to your coolant sump. You can watch what is being drawn in the clear coolant block, and you know the unit is working by the movement of the draw arm.

Part Number GPM Mix Ratio %* Mix Ratio Low Mix Ration High
Proportioner for Coolant  MIXPP58 7 0.6-5.8 160:1 16:1


60:1 6:1

MIXPP532 7 2.4-20.0 40:1 4:1

MIXPP585 7 10.0-40.0 10:1 1.5:1

MIXPP547 7 3.2-26.8 30:1 3:1

MIXPP510-M 9.5 0.8-7.5 125:1 13:1

MIXPP562-M 12 1.6-13.5 60:1 6:1

MIXPP58.5-M 12 2.4-20.0 40:1 4:1

MIXPP562-M 12 4.7-33.0 20:1 2:1

Please call for quote at 1-888-249-4855 if your pump is not in stock.

* Note: This is not your Brix Reading - Check with your coolant manufacturer. 

Insights from the Field: Deciphering Proportioning Pump Mix Ratios

Proportioning pump mix ratios delineate the quantity of coolant introduced to water. For instance, our widely used MIXPP518 ensures a mix ranging from 1 part coolant to 70 parts water (represented as 1:70 or 1.4%) to a more concentrated 1 part coolant to 7 parts water (expressed as 1:7 or 12.3%).

These percentages should not be mistaken for BRIX concentration readings!

Let’s illustrate with a hands-on scenario:

A client is employing Fuchs ECOCOOL 711 as their coolant and wants to have a BRIX concentration of 10.

ECOCOOL 711 has a refractometer correction factor of 1.4. The recommended usage concentrations, that is mixture rations, for this coolant, in a water-to-coolant ratio, span from 20:1 (which equates to ~5%) to 10:1 (corresponding to ~9%). These parameters are well within the operating mixture ratios of the MIXPP518.

To compute the precise refractometer target reading, taking the refractometer correction factor into account, divide the target concentration, 10 BRIX, by the correction factor. Thus, for ECOCOOL 711 with its 1.4 correction factor, the actual refractometer reading needs to be 7.14 (10/1.4).

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