about us

Zebra Skimmers began in a garage in 1994 making high-quality low-cost machines for metalworking fluids filtration. Over the last 2 decades we have grown beyond the conventional metal-working marketplace. With customer's input we have developed the gravity-separating disk skimmer and the Sidewinder tube skimmer.

Today we have customers across the globe who value our innovative and cost effective solutions. They return year after year because of our performance, service, guarantees and American-made quality.

Our mission has always been to provide the metalworking industry and other industries with the oil skimmers and metalworking fluid management systems they need to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. Our innovative and affordable solutions have garnered us many accolades, but our continued growth is due in no small part to our excellent customer service, our satisfaction guarantees, and the performance of our tools. Among our diverse selection of oil skimmers and metalworking fluid management systems, you can expect to find:

  • Coolant management equipment, which includes coolant mixers, proportioning pumps, and coolant automation systems to mix and deliver fluid solutions at the desired concentrations.
  • Industrial oil skimmers, including belt skimmers, disk skimmers, tube oil skimmers, and individual sump and portable separators coalescers for the removal of surface and tramp oils from fluids
  • Aeration or circulation equipment and odor control tablets to control fluid odor
  • Industrial fluid monitoring equipment, including optical refractometers to verify fluid solution concentrations, testing strips to measure pH, and water hardness testing sticks

Zebra Skimmers has a strong distribution support system in our industry. Our distributors enjoy the full support of the factory, knowing that our customers always buy from them so that they have all the advantages of local support and service. Our national network of manufacturers reps assures distributors that they always have technical factory expertise visiting them regularly. And our reps know that we have an intensive education program in place that conveys the competence and confidence of the factory to themselves, and to the distributors.

Thank you for considering Zebra Skimmers products. We guarantee your satisfaction -- it's baked into our quality.