Metalworking Resources

Empowering Your Operations with Metalworking Fluid Resources

Welcome to Zebra Skimmers’ comprehensive library of free resources, meticulously curated for machine shop owners and operators. Our aim? To empower you with the insights you need to expertly maintain your industrial fluids and coolants.

Whether you’re battling performance issues or striving for optimal fluid longevity, our resource hub is dedicated to fueling your success. Here, you’ll find an array of guides, tips, and best practices designed to enhance your understanding and mastery of metalworking fluid maintenance.

Leverage our resources to maintain the performance and extend the life of your industrial coolants, thereby reducing waste, saving costs, and improving your operational efficiency. Because at Zebra Skimmers, we believe that empowered knowledge is the key to seamless operations.


View dozens of questions frequently asked by our customers.

Learn how metalworking fluids and our products can serve your objectives.

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Free Resources

Free downloadable resources to keep your shop running smooth.

Free resources include a Coolant Quality Log, a Troubleshooting Guide, and a Refill Concentration Calculator.

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Glossary of metalworking fluid maintenance terms.

Dozens of terms related to the maintenance of metalworking fluids defined.

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View Zebra product literature in downloadable PDF format.

A complete collection of Zebra Skimmer product profiles, specification sheets, parts listings, and manuals.

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Coolant Mixology

A complete guide to the nuances of mixing metalworking coolant.

Metalworking coolants are specifically designed to be used at a number of different concentrations.

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Free Training

Browse our coolant maintenance and automation training course.

This is the place to be if you want to increase your coolant maintenance (CM) knowledge or prove to us you’re already a CM know-it-all.

Inside you’ll find lessons on every aspect of coolant maintenance.

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