Z17 Muscle Coalescer

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Refresh your Coolant with the Z17 Coalescer Muscle Coalescer

Experience enhanced system efficiency with the Z17 Coalescer and Tramp Oil Separator. This state-of-the-art device is designed to work seamlessly with individual sumps, operating tirelessly day and night. Even when the machine’s pump is off, it guarantees continuous sump circulation and efficient tramp oil removal. Please note that the Z17 Coalescer does not include all the attachments. Your purchase will only include one of the attachments.

Key Features of the Z17 Coalescer

  • Innovative Flexor: Our patent-pending Flexor, the first-ever internal surface skimmer, ensures optimal oil removal.
  • Versatile Attachments: Choose from four passive skimmers or intake attachments for tailored system compatibility. (See details below)
  • Advanced Pump: Our advanced pump system ensures consistent performance and superior reliability.
  • Adjustable Oil Weir: The new adjustable oil weir provides enhanced control for optimal operation.
  • Easy Maintenance with External Solids Filtration: The new external solids filtration system allows for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Flow Restrictors: Three flow restrictors are included to balance the Z17 Coalescer to sump conditions for optimal performance.
  • Permanent Coalescing Media: Accelerates oil collection and improves overall efficiency.
  • Brief Hold Time: A rapid 10-minute hold time allows for faster operations.
  • Customization Guide: Build your coalescer according to your needs using our guide.
  • Portability: Easily transport your coalescer between machines using a drum dolly (sold separately).

Embrace a new level of efficiency with the Z17 Coalescer and Tramp Oil Separator, where innovation meets performance.

Build your coalester using this guide.

Product Videos:

The Z17 Coalescer and tramp oil separator is recommended for use on individual sumps, operating day and night. Tramp oil is removed and the sump circulates even if the machine’s pump is off. Sump circulation is key to preventing excessive bacterial growth. Bacteria will break down your coolant and create problems like those shown in the Coolant Troubleshooting Guide.

Additional Features:

  • Patent-pending Flexor, the first ever internal surface skimmer:
    • Concentrates late-separating oil
    • Reduces surface-to-surface contact
    • Forms column of oil allowing for better oil-only discharge
    • Automatically aerates
    • Prevents bacterial growth
    • Cleaner fluid surface allows for chemical monitoring right from coalescing tank
  • Choose from four passive skimmers (see chart below)
  • Advanced pump:
  • NEW adjustable oil weir
  • NEW external solids filtration allows for easier maintenance:
    • 1 pint capacity, 170μ stainless steel standard
    • 1 quart capacity, 540μ stainless steel option (ordered separately)
  • Three flow restrictors included to balance the Z17 Coalescer to sump conditions
  • Heavier-duty spin-welded fittings prevent cracking and leaks
  • Crush resistant hoses can be customized. 4 foot standard.
  • Clean coolant returned back to sump via gravity
  • Built-in siphon makes the coalescer easy to empty

NOTE: the FZ17 is not designed to remediate iron related grease formations.

Attachments for Coalescer

Dimensions 4.5" x 3.25" x 1.75" 3" x 4" x 4.5" 5" x 4.25" x 4.63" 13" x 11" x 7"
Flux in inches with submersible pump (external pump) 12 (24) 12 (24) 3 (3) 24 (36)
Floats on Surface Yes Yes No Yes
Chip Screen No Yes No Yes
Fluid Flow Specifications .5 - 1 gpm .5 - 1 gpm 1 -3 gpm 1 -3 gpm
Construction PVC HDPE Galvanized Steel Steel body. Aluminum backbone. Plastic floats (standard). Stainless steel optional.
Fluid Temp Range: 40°-90°F 40°-90°F 40°-90°F 40°-90°F
Recommendations: Very tight access areas. Large fluid flux. Not for straight water. Not for chip loads. Not for fluids tending to foam. Moderately tight access. Large fluid flux. Not for straight water. Moderate Chip load. Moderately open access. Minimal fluid flux. Harsh environments. Moderate chip load. Very open access. Maximum fluid flux. Can handle turbulence. Harsh environments. Moderate chip load.
Order for use with:

Sub./Centrifugal Pump # SK02D12K # SK07R1.2 # SK10A7 # SK10B.3S (SS floats) SK1010B2.3P(Plastic floats)
Ext./Diaphragm Pump: # SK02D24S # SKL7R1.2 # SK10A7 SK10B3.3S (SS floats) SK10B3.3P (Plastic floats)

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