Handheld Optical BRIX Refractometer

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Eliminate Coolant Guesswork: Get Precise Monitoring with an Optical Brix Refractometer.

Boost your operational efficiency by effortlessly measuring coolant concentration using an Optical Brix refractometer. Every coolant shines its brightest when used at its recommended concentration. But how do you ensure it’s just right? That’s where Optical Brix Refractometers come in.

Starting from your initial coolant charge, and every day thereafter, as evaporation densifies the concentration, our refractometers make it easy to maintain the perfect balance. This tool is not just essential – it’s a game-changer in preventing issues before they arise.

What Makes Our Refractometer Stand Out?

  • Well-lit Scale: No squinting, no guesswork. Just clear readings.
  • Integrated Drip Feed: A steady, reliable source of coolant for accurate measurements.
  • Comfortable Eyepiece: Designed for your ease, because details matter.
  • Easy-to-Read, Bright Scale: Your readings, crystal clear.
  • Adjustable Focus: Ensures easy reading, regardless of your vision.
  • Textured Sleeve: No slips, no mistakes. Just easy gripping.
  • Includes Carrying Case: Take your tool anywhere, safely.
  • Locknut for Calibration: Keep your measurements precise and reliable.

Your coolant management just got a lot easier. It’s time to experience seamless operations with Brix refractometers.

P/N: OPT10 OPT32
Brix Range: 0-10 0-32
Accuracy: ± 0.1% ± 0.2%

Check your coolant’s technical data sheet to determine where your coolant will read on the Brix Scale. Some have a “Refractometer Factor” which you multiply the scale reading by to obtain the value in percent.

Select a scale that will read your target value, but also higher values, due to evaporation at the sump level.

 Part Number Brix Scale* Accuracy Graduation Dimensions
OP10 0-10 ±0.1% Tenths 1.5” dia., 8” long
OPT32 0-32 ±0.2% Fifths 1.5” dia., 7” long
OPTX10 Replacement prism cover with pin for OPT10, OPT32

OPTXED Refractometer sample dropper

Please note, our refractometers are not waterproof. Avoid submerging them in any liquid.

A Range of Optical Brix Refractometers solutions to choose:

  • OPT10: Perfect for fine-tuned precision, the OPT10 operates within a 0-10 Brix scale with an impressive accuracy of ±0.1%. Ideal for operations demanding high precision.

  • OPT32: For broader range requirements, upgrade to the OPT32 with a 0-32 Brix scale and maintains an accuracy of ±0.2%. 

  • OPTD50 (Digital): Merging precision with digital convenience, the OPTD50 operates within an expansive 0-50 Brix scale. As a digital model, it facilitates easy and quick readings, making coolant concentration checks a breeze.

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