25 Foot Extension Cord

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25-Foot Extension Cord - Reach Further with Ease

Introducing our 25-Foot Extension Cord, a versatile companion for your Haas skimmers. Designed to facilitate smoother, more flexible operations, this extension cord is a valuable addition to your setup.

Features include:

  1. Extended Reach: A generous 25-foot length offers ample reach for your operational requirements. Whether your power source is close or a distance away, this cord ensures your equipment is powered up and ready to go.

  2. Durable Construction: The 16/3 Black cord is robustly designed for longevity, with molded 5-15P on one end and a Leviton 515CR attached to the other. This extension cord is built to last.

  3. Indoor Rated: This cord is perfectly suited for indoor applications. Rest assured, it's designed to withstand the demands of industrial settings.

  4. Compatible with Haas Skimmers: If you're using Haas skimmers, this extension cord will integrate seamlessly with your existing setup.

Our 25-Foot Extension Cord is a practical, reliable, and efficient solution that bridges the gap between your equipment and the power source. Invest in this convenient tool to maximize your Haas skimmers' utility and enhance your operational efficiency.

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