Plastic Floating Sumpser Z17 Coalescers Attachment

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Plastic Floating Sumpser Z17 Coalescers Attachment

Product #: SK10B2.3P

Zebra® Floating Sumpster™ III with float and chip screen, 1/2" NPT coupler, on polypropylene pontoon assembly, designed to hold pump for use with Muscle™ or other brand coalescer with submersible pump.  Floating Sumpster measures: 13”x11”x 7".  Rated at 3 gpm flow rate.  Max fluid temp: 175°F.  Pump and fittings sold separately.

Key Details:

  • Enhanced Performance: The plastic intake are designed to enhance your coalescer's performance, ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency.
  • Versatile Compatibility: This attachment is suitable not only for the Z17 Coalescer but also matches other brands, providing you with the flexibility you need for your sump requirements.
  • Easy Installation: The replacement process is straightforward, letting you keep your operations running smoothly with minimal downtime.

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