Wiper Set for Belt Skimmers

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Boost Your Skimmer Efficiency: Wiper Set for Belt Skimmers

Keep your belt skimmers in peak condition with our durable replacement wiper set. Crafted specifically for Zebra Belt Skimmers, these wipers ensure superior performance and efficiency, maximizing the output of your operations.

Key Features:

  • Replacement set includes 2 pieces
  • Available in two sizes: 1" or 2", to match the width of your belt skimmer
  • Product # BXWIP - for 1" Belt
  • Product # BXWIP-2 - for 2" Belt

By replacing worn-out wipers, you uphold your skimmer's efficiency and extend its service life. Our replacement wiper set provides a convenient, cost-effective solution to keep your belt skimmers operating at their best.

Don't let aging components affect your skimmer's performance. Upgrade today with our superior wiper set. Maintain the efficiency and longevity of your belt skimmers for an uninterrupted, effective operation.

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