Replacement Motor for Tube Skimmers

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Keep Your Skimming Operation at Peak Performance with a Replacement Motor for Tube Skimmers

When it comes to the efficient and effective operation of your ZVA Sidewinder® Tube Skimmer, a robust motor is essential. Whether you're dealing with regular wear and tear or an unexpected malfunction, our high-quality Replacement Motors will ensure that your tube skimmer operates at its best.

We have two superior options for you:

  1. #MZ07J8: This raw motor operates at a reliable 100-120VAC, featuring a slow and steady 7rpm speed. Included is a fan to ensure optimal cooling and prolonged operational times.

  2. #MZ28J8: For more demanding operations, consider our 115VAC raw motor that powers your skimmer at a robust 28rpm. A fan is included for effective heat management during operation.

Both of our Replacement Motors are designed to seamlessly integrate with your ZVA Sidewinder® Tube Skimmer, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Choose the right one for your operation and keep your skimming process running smoothly.

Please note: It's crucial to select the correct variant that matches your skimmer's requirements when ordering.

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