Replacement Motor for Disk Skimmers

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Enhance Your Disk Skimmers with Our Replacement Motors

Is it time to revamp the motor in your Smart or Original Disk Skimmers? Look no further. We offer a variety of Replacement Motors designed to restore your skimmers to peak performance.

Choosing the right variation is crucial to optimizing your skimming operation:

  1. Standard Motor: Perfect for 12" and 18" disks, our standard 115v motor delivers a consistent 7rpm speed. This motor is available as RAW (Motor & Fan)

  2. 2rpm Motor: Specifically designed for 24" disks, our 115v 2rpm motor ensures optimal skimming performance for larger disks.This motor is available as RAW (Motor & Fan)

  3. 6rpm Motor: Need a power boost for your 12" and 18" disks? Try our 220v 6rpm motor. It's perfect for high-demand skimming operations. Available as RAW (Motor & Fan)

Remember, a quality motor is the heart of your disk skimmer. Our Replacement Motors ensure your skimmers are operating at their full capacity, ensuring efficient and effective oil skimming at all times.

Please note: Ensure you select the correct variant when ordering.

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