Flat Polyurethane Skimmer Replacement Belt

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Boost Your Skimmer's Efficiency: Polyurethane Skimmer Replacement Belt

Ensure your Zebra Poly Belt Skimmer stays at peak performance with our high-quality replacement belts. Learn how to determine your belt skimmer reach and what OAL means.


Temperature Tolerance: These belts are designed to operate efficiently in fluid temperatures ranging from 40-80°F.

Size Variety: Our replacement belts are available in standard widths of 1" or 2"

Custom Lengths: We offer 4 standard lengths: 8", 12", 18", and 24". Need a different size? We can customize the length as per your requirements. Please call us toll free at 888-249-4855 to discuss.

Easy Identification: Identify the right part quickly and conveniently using our simple part numbers. Replace the asterisk (*) with your desired length:

1" Belt: BP-*
2" Belt: BP2-*

With our OEM replacement belts, maintaining your Zebra Poly Belt Skimmer's effectiveness has never been easier. The abbreviation OAL in the listing means (Overall Length).

Replacement Belt Spec Chart

Part NumberProduct NameCircumference or overall-length (OAL) inchesFolded in half inches
BP-08Standard Belt Poly 8” reach 1" x 24.75" OAL24.7512.375
BP-12Standard Belt Poly 12” reach 1" x 32.75" OAL32.7516.375
BP-18Standard Belt Poly 18” reach 1" x44.75" OAL44.7522.375
BP-24Standard Belt Poly 24” reach 1" x 56.75" OAL56.7528.375
BP-36Standard Belt Poly 36” reach 1" x80.75" OAL80.7540.375
BP-48Standard Belt Poly 48” reach 1"x104.75" OAL104.7552.375
BP-60Standard Belt Poly 60" reach 1"x128.75" OAL128.7564.375
BP-72Standard Belt Poly 72” reach 1"x152.75" OAL152.7576.375
BP-84Standard Belt Poly 84” reach 1"x176.75" OAL176.7588.375

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