Zebra Style Haas Oil Skimmer Motor Replacement

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Coolant Diverter
Cardinal Machining Services
A must have add on.

Adjusting the ports is the key to having the unit work correctly, but after that it works well. I keep mine running 24/7 and the catch pan is now only tramp oil (no coolant).

Brix Digital Refractometer
charles branstrom
works great

it works as it should. i have bad eyes and the old refractometer is hard for me to see. this is a fast and easy way to check machine coolant. down side it if you have dirty or oily coolant it doesnt always see it correctly.

excellent products


This Aerator works 10x better than expected. Solved all of our coolant issues of poor circulation causing bacteria growth easily with installation of this aerator& the zebra skimmer.

Fast service

I damaged the switch on our Zebra skimmer from HAAS, bought two and received them 4 days later. They even came with printed out instructions. Worked great.

Optimize Your Zebra Style Haas Oil Skimmer with our OEM Replacement Motor

Ensure your Zebra Haas Oil Skimmer keeps operating at peak performance with our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement motor. Specifically designed for the Zebra Haas Oil Skimmer, this 115VAC 7RPM motor is the perfect solution to extend the lifespan of your skimming unit.

Key Features:

  • Designed for Haas Skimmer: This replacement motor is tailored for the Zebra Haas Oil Skimmer, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.
  • High Performance: With a rotation speed of 7RPM and an operating voltage of 115VAC, this motor is designed to provide reliable, efficient operation.
  • OEM Quality: As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part, you can trust in its quality, durability, and perfect fit.

Don't let a faulty motor slow down your oil skimming operation. Keep your Zebra Haas Oil Skimmer running smoothly with our reliable and efficient replacement motor.

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