Dazzle Sump Controller Enclosure

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Secure and Reliable: Dazzle 1 Sump Controller Enclosure and Board

Ensure the integrity and longevity of your Dazzle 1 Sump Controller with our robust and precision-engineered enclosure and board. Designed specifically for the Dazzle 1 Sump controller, this product offers an added layer of protection and durability, safeguarding the controller from external elements while promoting optimal functioning.


  • Enhanced Durability: Crafted for lasting performance, this enclosure and board resist wear and tear, offering a sustainable solution for your Dazzle 1 controller.
  • Perfect Fit: Our enclosure and board are specifically designed for the Dazzle 1 controller, ensuring seamless integration and maximum protection.
  • Promotes Efficiency: By safeguarding your controller, our enclosure and board enhance the overall efficiency and lifespan of your Dazzle 1 controller.

Invest in our Dazzle Controller Enclosure and Board and give your Dazzle 1 Controller the protection it needs to function at its best, day in and day out.

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