Coalescer Attachments

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Optimize Your Z17 Coalescer with Our Diverse Attachments

Zebra Skimmers is committed to meeting your specific needs with our comprehensive range of intake attachments, compatible with our Z17 Coalescer and various other brands. No matter your sump conditions — whether they involve restricted access, substantial flux, or a heavy chip load — we have an attachment that can meet your needs.

We provide:

  • Specialized Inlets: Designed for hard-to-reach or restricted access sumps.
  • High Flux Attachments: Built for managing high volume fluid flow.
  • Chip-Resistant Attachments: Ideal for environments with heavy chip loads.

With Zebra Skimmers, you can ensure your Coalescer works seamlessly in any environment. Explore our product range today to find the perfect match for your sump's unique needs.

Providing world class customer service and technical support has been a benchmark of our reputation since our founding. We’re always here to help and can be reached at 440.528.0699.

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