Brix Refractometer Replacement Cover

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Preserve the Precision of Your Refractometer with Our Brix Refractometer Replacement Cover

Your Brix refractometer is a crucial part of your operation, ensuring the concentration of your fluids remains within optimal parameters. Keeping your instrument in top condition is vital, and that includes taking care of the prism. Our Replacement Prism Cover provides the protection your device needs, prolonging its lifespan and ensuring consistent, accurate readings.

Designed specifically for the OPT10 and OPT32 Brix Refractometers, our Replacement Prism Cover fits seamlessly onto your device. Plus, it comes with a pin for secure attachment and easy removal.

Don't compromise your refractometer's performance with a damaged or lost prism cover. Opt for our durable, reliable Replacement Prism Cover and ensure your device continues to provide the accurate results you need for your operation.

Product #: OPTX10

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