24Vdc Belt Skimmer Combo with Diverter™ / Lockjaw™

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Boost Your Efficiency with the 24Vdc Belt Skimmer Combo - Featuring Diverter™ and Lockjaw™

Streamline your industrial maintenance tasks with our versatile 24Vdc Belt Skimmer Combo. This inclusive package not only ensures top performance and extended lifespan for your equipment but also contributes to a more sustainable operation.

Our Combo Package Includes:

  1. Belt Skimmer (BPF1-08-*): This powerful 24Vdc Belt Skimmer is expertly engineered to effectively remove tramp oils from your industrial tanks, improving the overall efficiency of your equipment.

  2. Diverter (BGST4): This addition complements your skimming process by separating and diverting tramp oil, making sure only clean coolant returns to your sump. Enhance your equipment’s effectiveness and extend the life of your coolants with the added convenience of our Diverter.

  3. Lockjaw (BGX2): Ensure your Belt Skimmer remains securely in place during operation with the Lockjaw. Its easy-to-use design simplifies the setup and adds an extra layer of safety to your operations.

Take control of your industrial maintenance with our comprehensive 24Vdc Belt Skimmer Combo. Optimize your skimming process and achieve an improved, more efficient working environment. Don't let tramp oils diminish your operations' efficiency - invest in this combo package today and witness the difference.

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