24-Inch Belt Skimmer Combo With Diverter™ / Lockjaw™

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24-Inch Belt Skimmer Combo with Diverter™ & Lockjaw™ - Optimize Your Operations

Introducing our comprehensive 24-Inch Belt Skimmer Combo, complemented by a Diverter™ and Lockjaw™. This integrated solution is designed to bolster your operational efficiency, saving you time and resources.

The all-inclusive Belt Combo package comprises:

  1. 24-Inch Reach Poly Belt Skimmer (BPF1-24): Masterfully designed to effectively remove excess oil from your coolant systems. Its extended 24-inch reach ensures compatibility with a wider range of operational requirements.

  2. Diverter (BGST4): This advanced accessory optimizes fluid flow control, directing oil and coolant accurately, and enhancing overall skimming efficiency. A valuable asset in prolonging the life of your equipment.

  3. Lockjaw (BGX2): A crucial add-on that firmly secures your skimmer, ensuring reliable performance and improved equipment lifespan.

The 24-Inch Belt Skimmer Combo with Diverter™ and Lockjaw™ embodies Zebra Skimmers' commitment to delivering superior quality and unrivaled value. Invest in this comprehensive package to lower maintenance expenses, reduce downtime, and amplify your operational efficiency. Trust in Zebra Skimmers for cutting-edge fluid management solutions.

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