12-Inch Belt Skimmer Combo With Diverter™ / Lockjaw™

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12-Inch Belt Skimmer Combo with Diverter™ & Lockjaw™ - Unleash Unmatched Efficiency

Experience unprecedented operational efficiency with our 12-Inch Belt Skimmer Combo that comes bundled with a Diverter™ and Lockjaw™. A holistic solution, designed for precision and performance.

This exclusive Belt Combo package offers:

  1. 12-Inch Reach Poly Belt Skimmer (BPF1-12): Expertly designed to efficiently remove unwanted oil from your coolant systems. With its 12-inch reach, it’s built to cater to your diverse operational requirements.

  2. Diverter (BGST4): This innovative addition enhances fluid flow management, directing coolant and oil precisely, and improving overall skimming efficiency. It also aids in extending the life of your equipment.

  3. Lockjaw (BGX2): A smart accessory to secure your skimmer in position, ensuring consistent and efficient performance, and enhancing equipment longevity.

The 12-Inch Belt Skimmer Combo with Diverter™ and Lockjaw™ is a testament to Zebra Skimmers' commitment to delivering quality and value. Invest in this all-inclusive package to reduce maintenance costs, minimize downtime, and streamline your operations. Trust Zebra Skimmers for innovation and excellence in fluid management solutions.

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