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Zebra Skimmers is committed to not just providing top-tier products, but also equipping machine shop owners and operators with the tools they need for superior fluid maintenance. That’s why we offer an array of free resources for managing your metalworking fluids effectively. Choose between .PDF and .xls formats for easy downloading and use.

  • Quality Log: Keep track of your fluid maintenance activities effortlessly with our structured log. Regular recording of your activities can help ensure consistent quality and timely preventive measures.
  • Troubleshooting Guide: Encounter a problem? Our troubleshooting guide is here to help. It’s designed to address common issues and provide easy-to-follow solutions, minimizing downtime and enhancing your productivity.
  • Refill Concentration Calculator: Accurate calculation is key for effective fluid maintenance. Our refill concentration calculator makes it simple to determine the right mix for your coolant, helping ensure optimal performance.

Click to download your desired resources now. Enhance your metalworking fluid maintenance practices with Zebra Skimmers today!

Quality Log Troubleshooting Guide Refill Concentration Calculator
Quality Log

Plug in your numbers to determine proper Coolant Refill Concentration for a machine sump.