Image of Unlocking Efficiency: The Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer for Shallow CNC Machine Sumps

Unlocking Efficiency: The Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer for Shallow CNC Machine Sumps

Tackling oil contamination in shallow CNC machine sumps has never been easier, thanks to the revolutionary Sidewinder™ Tube Oil Skimmer. Say goodbye to the struggles of accessing tight spaces at your CNC sumps.

Unlike conventional skimmer solutions such as belts or disk skimmers, the Sidewinder is a compact yet powerful skimmer explicitly designed for environments where size matters. Engineered for agility, it maneuvers around corners and navigates through narrow openings. They are designed to be compact and to fit on the side or above the sump tank. This makes the Sidewinder ideal for smaller sumps and sumps with low fluid levels.

Embodying the essence of “American-Made, American-Quality,” the Sidewinder is proudly manufactured at our facility in Solon, OH.


Key features of the ZVA Sidewinder™ Tube Skimmer

The Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer is a cutting-edge tramp oil removal product employing an oleophilic (oil-attracting) continuous looped tube. Its remarkable ability to operate effectively even in shallow fluids sets this skimmer apart. It requires mere inches rather than the typical one to two feet of coolant required by belt skimmers.

The Sidewinder operates on the same principle as belt skimmers. Its looped tube disrupts the surface tension of the coolant, causing the oil to stick to the tube, which then passes through a scraper that removes the oil into a tray.

Add a diverter attachment for even more savings! The diverter will return your cleaned coolant back to your sump and divert the tramp oil into a bucket for disposal.

It’s that easy!


Features of the Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer

Space-Efficient Design: The Sidewinder’s compact design accommodates various tank or pit sizes without hassle.

Customizable Reach: Tailor your skimming solution with customizable tube lengths, boasting an impressive reach of over 100 inches.

Safety Shut-Off: Prioritizing safe operation, the skimmer includes a safety shut-off switch.

Efficient Design: The Sidewinder is not only simple but also ensures lasting and efficient performance. Quality parts are made and manufactured here in the USA.

Innovative Skimming System: A unique skimming system enhances the skimmer’s oil removal efficiency.


Versatility in Applications Like Shallow CNC Machine Sumps

The Sidewinder’s versatility is one of its best attributes. Whether you’re dealing with a slight oil sheen or a substantial oil slick, this compact skimmer proves its worth across various applications. It can even wrap around corners!


Revolutionizing Oil Skimming

User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with an integrated ON/OFF switch for effortless control.

Built to Last: Its continuous-duty, fan-cooled motor ensures durability and extended performance.

Intelligent Design: Featuring a generously sized discharge port to prevent clogging, coupled with industrial-strength ceramic scrapers for effective oil removal for shallow CNC machine sumps.


Optimize Your Oil Skimming Process

Are you curious about the optimal reach for your Tube Oil Skimmer? Our comprehensive guide provides all the insights you need.

Step into a new era of oil skimming efficiency with the ZVA8 Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer – it’s more than just a skimmer; it’s a game-changer for the machinist.


Product Specifications

  • Skimmer Type: Tube Skimmer
  • Skimming Capacity: 1 quart per hour
  • Reach: 8″ – 101″
  • Motor Engine: 28 rpm @ 0.11 HP
  • Max Operating Temperature: 30ºC / 90ºF
  • Belt Material: Polyvinyl Industrial Grade Tubing
  • Frequency / Voltage: 60 Hz / 120 V
  • Manufactured Origin: USA
  • Mounting Accessories: Diverter, Magnetic Base
  • Warranty: 90 days


Experience the transformative power of the Sidewinder Tube Oil Skimmer and witness unmatched efficiency in your oil skimming process and reduce wasted coolant.




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