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Harnessing the Power of Oil Skimmers in Your Parts Washer

Oil contamination in your parts washer is an all-too-familiar challenge in the manufacturing industry. Maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your machinery while adhering to stringent environmental regulations requires an effective and robust maintenance system.

This post introduces an innovative solution to these challenges: Oil skimmers.

Understanding the Basics

A parts washer is an essential component in any manufacturing facility. It is used to clean, degrease, and dry bulk loads of small or large parts. Unfortunately, these washers often become oil-laden. This creates numerous operational challenges.

A popular solution for industrial parts washers is a high-temperature oil removal system using tramp oil skimmers. For components heavily soiled with oils and grease, oil skimmers excel at removing the oil. In the process, they maintain the chemical integrity of the washer for a longer time.

Oil skimmers remove oil floating on a liquid surface. Two options we recommend are high temperature disk or belt skimmers. There have been instances where a tube skimmer may work but there are some limitations. This is because tube skimmers feature tubing that may not hold up long-term to the high temperatures. It may cause them to break down.

Our suggestions are intended for small-scale facilities or machine shops. While various large-scale industrial part washing solutions are available, it’s essential to consider that these systems come with considerable cost investment compared to a more straightforward alternative such as a skimmer.

The Need for Oil Skimmers in your Parts Washer

Oil management is a significant concern for plant operations. Excess oil can lower efficiency, damage equipment, and even pose environmental risks. Here’s where oil skimmers come into play. They provide a cost-effective solution to effectively manage and remove oil from parts washers.

The Advantages of Incorporating an Oil Skimmer:

  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency: Cleaner parts lead to an overall increase in production rates and turn time.
  • Prolonging Equipment Life: Regular removal of oil minimizes wear and tear on the parts washer, extending its lifespan, plus you are meeting whatever manufacturing spec you need to meet.
  • Reducing Maintenance and Disposal Costs: The reduced need for cleaning agents, less frequent parts washer replacements, and more efficient oil disposal all contribute to significant cost savings.
  • Improving Workplace Safety: A cleaner workspace with less oil reduces the risk of handling hazardous fluids, creating a safer and healthier environment for employees.
  • Positive Environmental Impact: Utilizing oil skimmers can help your business comply with environmental regulations and also reduce its carbon footprint.

Selecting the Right Oil Skimmer for Your Needs

Choosing the right oil skimmer also depends on your specific needs. It includes considerations such as the size and capacity of your parts washer, the type of oil used, and the temperature of the liquid within the parts washer. Some top-rated Zebra oil skimmers in the market cater to various requirements and offer excellent efficiency.

We recommend the Zebra Skimmers Belt Oil Skimmer with a Stainless Steel Belt. These have a higher temperature tolerance and can operate efficiently in fluid temperatures ranging from 60-212°F.

Implementation and Maintenance of Skimmers in your Parts Washer

Installing an oil skimmer is only half the job; maintaining your fluids for optimal efficiency is crucial. Regularly check the skimmer’s condition, replace worn-out parts promptly, and monitor the oil removal rate for any drastic changes.

To Sum It All Up

Adding a high-temperature oil skimmer to your parts washer can certainly have multiple benefits. They can enhance operational efficiency and prolong equipment life. They can also reduce costs and improve workplace safety. It’s an investment that pays off in various ways, thus making it a worthwhile addition to any manufacturing facility at a cost-effective price point.

We encourage you to evaluate your current parts washer system and consider the potential benefits of adding an oil skimmer.

Do you already use an oil skimmer in your parts washer? How has your experience been?

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