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Image of Skimming Diaries: Unfiltered Stories from the President’s Perspective

Skimming Diaries: Unfiltered Stories from the President’s Perspective

Hello, Zebra friends!

Being the president of this amazing company has given me the privilege of interacting with many of you – our valued customers, partners, and fellow filtration devotees. I love learning from your experiences and sharing our 30-years of experience and knowledge with the community. So, I thought, why not invite you all to join me on this blogging escapade? Welcome to “Skimming Diaries: Unfiltered Stories from the President’s Perspective,” where I’ll be sharing stories, insights, and a dash of zest from my world.

Before we jump in, let’s get personal. Beyond oil skimming, I’m passionate about growing and cooking with hot chili peppers – a fiery hobby that adds a little sizzle to my life. And when it comes to loyal companions, Zane, my lovable pitbull rescue, never fails to bring joy and excitement to our daily adventures.

Now, let’s dive into our first chronicle. I recently visited a contact in the Cleveland area who had just assumed the role of head of CNC maintenance who was struggling to keep sumps topped up, at the appropriate BRIX concentration, and working to fend off nasty bacterial infections.

Our new pal, whom we’ll call Jim, reached out to us for assistance. “Hey, Zebra,” he said, “I could really use your expertise. My sumps are in disarray, and I feel like I’m in a never-ending battle with bacteria. Can you share some of that 30-year Zebraskimmers.com wisdom?”

Challenge accepted! Just as the Scoville scale measures the heat of chili peppers, we delved into our wealth of experience to find the perfect mix of solutions for Jim’s sump challenges. We advised on the best fit oil skimmers for their Okuma’s (ZVA Sidewinder tube skimmers), offered guidance and suggested DAZSUMP controllers to automate sump top-us and BRIX concentration maintenance, and acquainted him with our trusted line of coolant maintenance products.

In no time, Jim had the situation under control, and his sumps were looking and performing better than ever. He could finally concentrate on excelling in his new role and making a positive impact on his organization. As for Zane, he enthusiastically wagged his tail, celebrating Jim’s success story!

So, there you have it, folks! This is just the beginning of our journey through “Skimming Diaries: Unfiltered Stories from the President’s Perspective.” I hope you’ll join me as we share more experiences, insights, and perhaps even a smidgen of chili-infused wisdom.

Until next time, happy skimming, and remember to give your furry friends a high-five from Zane and me!

Take care,

Bill Burkey, President




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