Image of Skimming Diaries: How Full Automation Can Boost Your CNC Metalworking Shop’s Productivity and Profitability

Skimming Diaries: How Full Automation Can Boost Your CNC Metalworking Shop’s Productivity and Profitability

If you run a CNC metalworking shop, you know how important it is to maintain optimal coolant concentration levels in your machines. Too high or too low concentrations can lead to poor surface finish, tool wear, corrosion, bacterial growth, and wasted coolant. That’s why you need a reliable and accurate coolant automation system. One that can monitor and adjust the concentration levels automatically, without any human intervention.

But not all coolant automation systems are created equal. Some systems claim to offer automation, but they still require manual input of BRIX readings from CNC operators. This introduces the risk of human error, inconsistency, and inefficiency. Moreover, it takes away valuable time from your operators that could be spent on more productive tasks.

That’s why Zebra developed the Dazzle 2 Coolant Automation System. It is the only system in the market that offers full automation with a self-cleaning process refractometer. The Dazzle 2 system eliminates the need for manual BRIX readings by automatically measuring the concentration levels in your sumps and adjusting them accordingly. This ensures that your machines always run at peak performance, with optimal coolant quality and quantity. But, if you want an entry level system that maintains sump levels and concentration through operator input BRIX concentration reading, we have you covered with the Dazzle 2.E (starting at $42,000).

The Dazzle 2 system is not just another product. It is a breakthrough innovation that I am proud to have patented (my first patent!). This fully automated solution is the result of years of research and development, driven by my passion for solving the challenges faced by CNC metalworking shops like yours. It is a system that truly ‘dazzles’ with its simplicity and effectiveness.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Ask our satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of the Dazzle 2 system firsthand. One of our newest customers is a CNC metalworking shop located in Waynesboro, Virginia. They are located in a beautiful, historic town in the heart of the Shenandoah Mountains. This company was looking for a solution that would enhance their productivity and profitability by automating their coolant management. They did their homework, compared different options, and decided on the Dazzle 2 system for its unparalleled features and performance.

I recently visited them to kick-off their successful adoption of the Dazzle 2 system. I was delighted to see how happy they were with their decision and how much they appreciated the advantages of full automation. During our meeting, the customers team praised the ease of installation and simple maintenance of the Dazzle 2 system. They also love our excellent customer service and the support they received from me and my team.

When I left their shop, I felt honored and gratified by their feedback. It is such a rewarding experience that truly reaffirms my belief in the value of my patented technology and the positive difference it makes for CNC metalworking shops like yours.

If you are ready to take your shop to the next level of productivity and profitability, you owe it to yourself to check out the Dazzle 2 Coolant Automation System. It is not just a semi-automated system that requires manual input. It is a fully automated system that does everything for you. It is not just an option; it is the way forward.

Your Next Step

To learn more about the Dazzle 2 system and how it can help your shop, visit our website at,, or contact me today. I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Bill Burkey, President
Zebra Skimmers Corp




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