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Why does my machine shop smell like rotten eggs?

Walking into your machine shop early on Monday morning can be rough when the first thing that hits you is the smell of rotten eggs. Your machine shop air quality is horrible after sumps have been sitting stagnant for a few days. How do you fix it?

First, the root problem of the bacterial infections need to be addressed. Dump your coolant, flush your machine with the coolant your manufacturer suggests, then recharge the sumps. Ok, you know all that already, but I have to say it.

Step 1

To immediately address the stink, add Coolant Odor Control Tablets to your sumps. Use 1 tablet for every 25 gallons of sump fluids. The tablets increase the pH of the fluids to mitigate bacterial growth (pH should be between 8 and 9.5). If your plant has more than 5 machines, consider buying packs of multiple tubes so you don’t run out and make your machine shop smell.

Step 2

Tramp oil removal. Oil skimmers are a simple solution. If you have a small slot in the bottom of your machine for tramp oil removal, consider using a tube skimmer. They can get into really tight spaces. If you have a bit of room to play around with, a belt skimmer is a solid investment. If you have a lot of room, use a coalescer with a floating sumpster (it can move around in the sump instead of being locked into a location).

Step 3

Circulation and aeration. This is to keep the fluids moving when the machines are shut down. It creates a hostile environment for bacteria to reduce your machine shop smell. You can go with either an aerator or a circulation pump. They both work similar to what you would find in a fish tank. This keeps the fluid moving when the machines are not running, making it harder for the bacteria to grow over the weekend.

If you have any questions about how to help your machine shop from smelling when you walk in every morning, reach out to our specialists! We are happy to help you.



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