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Tramp Oil Removal

Tramp oil originates as lubrication oil seeps out from the slide-ways and washes into the coolant mixture. Or it could also originate as the protective film with which the steel supplier coats the bar stock to prevent rusting. Another way is as hydraulic oil leaks. In extreme cases you can see it as a film or skin on the surface of the coolant or as floating specks of oil.

Tramp oil is a contaminant and a potential pollutant if not dealt with properly.

What is Tramp Oil?

Tramp oil is a type of oil that contaminates a machine or process. This is due to leakage or carryover from another machine or process. It is called “tramp” oil because it is not a part of the intended lubrication system.

This type of oil can cause issues in manufacturing processes because it contaminates the finished product. It also clogs filters and lines. This promotes the growth of bacteria. It is important to remove this from your manufacturing processes to ensure the quality and consistency of your finished product.

There are various methods for removing tramp oil, including skimming, centrifugation, and filtration.

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Oil Skimmers and Coalescers

You can find this type of oil in a variety of industries including metalworking, papermaking, and food processing. Skimmers remove oil from the surface of coolant, water, and other liquids. In fact, they are typically used in conjunction with other oil removal systems such as filtration and centrifugation. This is to ensure that tramp oil is effectively removed from the process.

Tramp oil skimmers are used to separate the tramp oil from the coolant. They work by using a porous material such as a belt, disk or tube to absorb the oil. They then lift it off the surface of the liquid. Pieces of the skimmers are partially submerged below the coolant level. As their moving parts rotate through the coolant, tramp oils cling to them. They then pass a tramp oil separator or wiper before returning to the coolant sump. The oil is finally collected in a reservoir for disposal or recycling.

Remove Tramp Oils

Zebra Skimmers manufactures tramp oil disk, tube, and belt skimmers as well as the Muscle™ coalescer. These tools are great to use for tramp oil removal from the surface of metalworking coolants. All Zebra tramp oil skimmers are designed as simple, trouble-free, and economic solutions. Based on gravity flow and coalescence, Zebras disc, tube and belt skimmers can reduce tramp oils to less than 1% in a single pass!

All tramp oil skimmers from Zebra extend the productive life of soluble oil, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolants. The skimmers also extend the life of your cutting tool as well. Don’t forget that we are an American company here in Solon, Ohio.

American-Made, American Quality.

Benefits of using Zebra Skimmers tramp oil skimmers:

There are several benefits to using tramp oil skimmers in industrial processes:

  1. Improved product quality: Tramp oil can contaminate your finished product. This can lead to a rejected part or the machine overall performing poorly.
  2. Increased equipment efficiency: In addition, tramp oil can clog filters and lines, reducing the efficiency of your equipment. By removing tramp oil, equipment can operate more efficiently.
  3. Reduced maintenance costs: Tramp oil can cause wear and tear on your machinery, resulting in increased maintenance costs. By removing tramp oil, machinery can last longer and this will also require less maintenance.
  4. Improved environmental compliance: Tramp oil can likewise contain hazardous materials, such as heavy metals and biocides. You should properly dispose of that to comply with environmental regulations. By removing tramp oil, a company can better comply with environmental regulations.
  5. Reduced downtime: Tramp oil can similarly cause equipment failures. And with that  resulting in downtime for maintenance and repairs. By removing tramp oil, you can prevent equipment failures. This reduces your downtime.

Other benefits of using a Zebra Oil Skimmer:

  • Most inexpensive way to remove oil from coolant
  • Reduces bacterial growth and foul sump odors
  • Prolongs coolant life, reducing raw material costs
  • Extends tool life and improves part quality
  • Prevents plugging of spray heads and filters
  • Reduces tramp oil disposal costs
  • Minimal maintenance

If you have any questions about which type of tramp oil skimmer you should be using with your machines, reach out to one of our specialists at 888.249.4855. We are happy to help you maintain your coolant and improve the production of your machines!




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