Image of Revolutionizing Coolant Management: Embrace Precision and Efficiency with a Coolant Proportioning Pump

Revolutionizing Coolant Management: Embrace Precision and Efficiency with a Coolant Proportioning Pump

Coolant Proportioning Pump

In the fast-paced manufacturing world, gaining a competitive edge hinges on implementing innovative and efficient solutions. At Zebra Skimmers, we understand the opportunities and challenges that manufacturers face. Because of this, we strive to deliver products that streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and reduce costs.

We are pleased to present a vital enhancement to your coolant management protocol: Our cutting-edge Coolant Proportioning Pump.


The Challenges of Coolant Management

Ensuring the precise mixture of your CNC coolant is multifaceted and time-consuming. A moderate concentration may lead to unnecessary waste and also escalated expenses. Insufficient levels can compromise your equipment’s optimal efficiency. Furthermore, inaccurate mixing can lead to other issues, such as inconsistent machining results. This all impacts your overall productivity and quality control.


The Power of Precision

Our Coolant Proportioning Pump is the answer to the complexities of coolant management. Engineered for precise coolant mixing, the proportioning pump enables optimal fluid balance, effectively minimizing waste and reducing the consumption of expensive coolant.

The value it offers continues beyond there. This innovative device is a vital core component of the Dazzle™ 1 and Dazzle™ 2 Automated Coolant Concentration Management systems. These systems offer you an integrated and automated approach to coolant management.


Here are some of the top reasons why our Coolant Proportioning Pump is an essential investment for your manufacturing operation:

  1. Impressive Delivery Range: The Proportioning Pump can deliver fluid 25′ vertically and 800′ laterally. This ensures coverage across your shop floor, regardless of the distance. Moreover, the integration of multiple pumps is possible to accommodate larger work environments.
  2. Customizable Flow Rates: Depending on your specific needs, choose from flow rates of 7gpm, 12gpm, or 25gpm.
  3. Flexible Concentration Ranges: Adjust from .06 to 35 for precise control over your coolant mixture.
  4. Wall Mount Configuration: A wall mount configuration is available to mount the device vertically or horizontally for easy access and especially space optimization.
  5. High Viscosity Capacity: The Proportioning Pump works well with coolant concentrations up to 700 SUS viscosity.
  6. Robust Construction: Crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, the Proportioning Pump is built to last, promising longevity and value for your money.
  7. Eco-Friendly & Cost-Efficient: As a water-driven, non-electrical solution, the Proportioning Pump is eco-friendly, reliable, and reduces coolant waste. This promotes sustainability while also saving on costs.

How It Works

Your coolant is drawn in through the bottom port. It is metered by the adjustable screw for constant water flow being drawn in through the fitting on the other side. The entire arm moves back and forth to inject coolant into the water stream. The mixing occurs at the exit fitting and proceeds to your coolant sump. You can observe the process via the clear coolant block. You know the unit is working by the movement of the draw arm.


Embrace the certainly and future of coolant management. Enhance precision, efficiency, and sustainability in your manufacturing operations with Zebra Skimmers’ Coolant Proportioning Pump.

Remember, the key to competitive edge lies in the details – optimize those, and you optimize everything.

Step up your coolant management with Zebra Skimmers today!




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