Image of pH Strips: A Simple Solution for Monitoring CNC Coolant Acidity

pH Strips: A Simple Solution for Monitoring CNC Coolant Acidity

pH strips provide an effective means of tracking the coolant’s chemical condition. Coolant is essential for machines and their parts. It keeps them from overheating by absorbing and dissipating heat. However, it becomes contaminated with chips, debris, and other materials that affects its chemical state over time. Monitoring the chemical state of the coolant is crucial for ensuring proper functionality and preventing damage to machine parts.


How to Read a pH Test Strip

pH strips assess the acidity or alkalinity of the water and other liquids. They are simple to use and provide an accurate reading of the pH level of the coolant in your machine. The strip measures the hydrogen ion concentration of the liquid by measuring its electrical potential. The pH strip has a colorimetric indicator that changes color when exposed to different levels of hydrogen ions. The resulting color of the strip will display the acidity of the coolant.

Each coolant has its chemical range, but they all fall between 8-10 pH. Regularly monitoring each sump at least weekly is essential for addressing maintenance issues. If the reading is below 7.0, then there is too much acid in the coolant, and if the number is above 10, then there is too little acid in the coolant, and the coolant needs to be adjusted.


Monitor your CNC Coolant

Coolants are formulated to be alkaline to counterbalance the acidic presence introduced by bacteria that infiltrate the fluid reservoir through sources such as the water supply and work material. Coolant failures can occur if protocols such as removing tramp oil, aerating the fluid, and filtering particles are not in place. Consistent pH monitoring and bacterial control methods can help prevent these coolant problems.

Regular checkups make it possible to identify any irregularities in the chemical condition of the coolant before their potential induction of substantial harm to the machinery. It also helps to prevent pH-related issues such as foul odor, skin sensitivity, split emulsion, premature tool wear, rust, and corrosion. By regularly testing and monitoring the pH levels of coolant, you can maintain machines and their parts and prevent costly repairs or machine downtime.


The Best pH Test Strips

Zebra Skimmers offers pH test strips for coolant monitoring needs. These strips provide accurate readings and are easy to use. Regularly test and monitor the pH levels of coolant to ensure that your machines and their parts function correctly.

Store the strips in a cool, dry area, protecting them from moisture and direct sunlight. Furthermore, ensure the use of clean instruments during coolant testing to avoid cross-contamination between reservoirs.



pH strips are a simple and effective solution for monitoring coolant acidity. Regularly monitoring coolant pH levels can prevent costly repairs and downtime, prolong machine life, and improve productivity. Zebra Skimmers offers high-quality pH test strips that are easy to use and provide accurate results. You can use pH strips to ensure that your machines operate at peak performance and prevent any issues with the coolant’s chemical state.



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