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How the Venturi Coolant Mixing Systems Works

Venturi Coolant Mixers for Mixing Metalworking Fluids

Venturi coolant mixers uses a vacuum effect to create suction in order to draw liquid into a chamber where it mixes with another fluid such as coolant. This process creates a powerful mixing action that is ideal for many metal working applications.

Why Do We Need Venturi Mixers?

Venturi mixers are used in many industrial manufacturing applications to aid in mixing fluids together. Mixers are effective at mixing two different types of fluids together.

How Does a Venturi Mixer Work?

The venturi mixer works by creating a partial vacuum inside a tube. This creates a low pressure area that draws liquid through the tube. As the liquid flows through the tube, it mixes with other fluids flowing through the same tube. Learn more about the Venturi Effect here.

Proper fluid mixing provides superior emulsions resulting in consistent concentration values. Maintaining consistent concentration values extends sump and tool life while improving machined surfaces. It also provides a savings for raw material usage.

Venturi pumps are commonly used for coolant mixers. The moving water across the orifice creates a vacuum, drawing coolant into the water stream. The combination of the two laminar flows creates a turbulent zone thoroughly mixing the two fluids. This is ideal for CNC coolant mixing with water to an appropriate level.

Since there are no moving parts, venturi coolant mixers have a high degree of reliability. The needle valve allows for great precision in setting the proportion of coolant mixed with water.

Learn about mixing metalworking fluids on our coolant mixology page.

Need one for your shop? We have perfect Venturi Coolant Mixers for you!

The Zebra Skimmer Venturi coolant mixers offers the following features:

  • Separate water shut-off valve
  • Machined from solid bronze casting with galvanized steel stand pipe
  • Maximum viscosity of 500 SUS
  • 40” discharge tube included (max length for delivery)
  • Fits drums, pails, or totes
  • Prevent tampering with the Mixer Lockout (#MIXXLOCK)


  • Machined needle valve
  • Locknut below dial holds mixing reference
  • Standpipe check valve keeps mixing chamber loaded

Machinist Mixer

Part Number GPM Low High Max Mix Ratio Range psi In3 Out
MIX0327 3 0 7 15:1 25-75 3/8″ 1/2″
MIX03725 3 0 25 4:1 25-75 3/8″ 1/2″
10 0 7 15:1 25-75 1/2″ 3/4″
MIX10725 10 0 25 4:1 25-75 1/2″ 3/4″

Coolant Mixer Accessory Part Numbers:

  • MIXXLOCK Lockout for Venturi Coolant Mixer to prevent tampering
  • MIXSF3 Swivel Fitting for inlet garden hose for 3gpm machinist mixer
  • MIXSF10 Swivel Fitting for inlet garden hose for 10gpm machinist mixer

Zebra machinist mixers require a minimum pressure of 25 psi


With a 5-gallon pail marked in gallons, fill the pail to the one gallon mark with the water valve fully opened. If you fill to the 1 gallon mark in 20 seconds there is enough pressure for the 3 gpm unit. If you fill to the 1 gallon mark in 6 seconds there is enough pressure for the 10 gpm unit.




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