Image of Unlock Untapped Potential While Maximizing Your Labor: The Case for Automation

Unlock Untapped Potential While Maximizing Your Labor: The Case for Automation

Discover the untapped potential within your CNC operations by delving into the transformative power of automated coolant delivery systems. The concept of Return on Investment (ROI) is often associated with increased productivity and reduced downtime. It’s essential to recognize the concealed opportunity costs linked to diverting your workforce from more valuable tasks for routine coolant maintenance.

Let’s explore this uncharted territory and shed light on the potential gains.


Counting the Cost of Interrupted Minutes

Consider the scenario: a bustling machine shop encompassing 19 weekly shifts, including weekdays and weekends. Imagine each shift loses a mere 8 minutes for every sump due to manual coolant management tasks. When extrapolated to a shop housing 100 sumps, the cumulative lost time is equivalent to 40 skilled workers leaving their stations 20 minutes early each shift.

Such an inefficiency warrants a reevaluation of the status quo.


Unlocking Untapped Potential for Labor Output

Automated coolant refill systems promise a brighter future.  Zebra Skimmers Dazzle™ 2 Fully Automated Coolant Delivery System is leading the way. This system’s automated top-off functionality liberates your accomplished CNC machinists from the routine “bucket brigade”. This allows your skilled staff to channel their expertise into refining their craft.

However, the benefits continue beyond there. They are reclaiming the minutes previously consumed by manual coolant tasks. Redirect your workforce towards tasks that generate enhanced value. This unlocks a previously unimaginable realm of productivity and profitability.


In the words of Modern Machine Shop magazine, “Automation of coolant management can work as a recruitment and retention draw for machine shops. Zebra Skimmers’ Dazzle™ systems provide an example of this automation.” A central proportioning pump, proprietary software, sensors, and an intricate network of pipes are the benchmark of these systems. The system diligently maintains the desired coolant concentration across all connected machines through user input. Upon detecting a coolant level drop in any sump, the proportioning pump springs into action, refilling the sump with fluids at the optimal concentration mix.


Elevating Possibilities: The Dazzle™ 2 Automated Coolant Management System

Discover a new realm of operational efficiency with the Dazzle™ 2 Fully Automated Coolant Management System. To delve deeper into the capabilities of this revolutionary system, we invite you to explore our detailed spec sheet which provides comprehensive insights into how this engineered system can reshape your operations.

The world of manufacturing is evolving, and staying ahead requires innovative thinking. Embrace the untapped potential of the automated future, empower your workforce, and reap the hidden opportunities to drive growth and productivity. It’s time to redefine the landscape of possibility!




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