Image of The Future of CNC Coolant Maintenance: Unleashing Efficiency with Zebra Skimmers’ Dazzle 2 System

The Future of CNC Coolant Maintenance: Unleashing Efficiency with Zebra Skimmers’ Dazzle 2 System

Unleashing Efficiency

Coolant management has been a critical yet often overlooked facet of CNC operations for decades. In the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, companies that adopt coolant solutions can find themselves at a competitive advantage. At Zebra Skimmers, we understand this challenge well. With over 28 years in the industry, we’ve made it our mission to provide cutting-edge coolant maintenance solutions and unleashing efficiency in your shop.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce our Dazzle™ 2 Coolant Full Automation System.


What Sets Dazzle™ 2 Apart?

Drawing upon our extensive experience and intimate understanding of CNC sumps, our team has designed and engineered the Dazzle™ 2 system in-house. This patented, industry 4.0 automated system offers unprecedented control over sump concentration and level management. It maintains parameters within your preset limits.

Thanks to its precision mixing algorithm, Dazzle™ 2 seamlessly blends neat coolant and water to achieve the exact target make-up concentration for each machine sump. This ensures your sumps maintain optimal concentration and level consistently without any manual involvement. Furthermore, with built-in alert features, you’ll never worry about running out of coolant.


Realizing Substantial Savings

Embracing Dazzle™ 2 can result in substantial savings, translating into a swift return on investment. Our customers report up to 80% savings on coolant costs and up to 85% savings on CNC tooling expenditures. They also often achieve an ROI within just eight months.


Exploring Dazzle™ 2’s Capabilities

Dazzle™ 2 embodies the promise of Industry 4.0 with an online dashboard. This allows viewing and managing sump concentrations and levels from anywhere. The system manages coolant concentrations and fluid levels for up to 24 sumps per cell. There is also the option to add as many groupings as your operation requires.

Employing a robust capacitive technology, Dazzle™ 2 provides reliable level sensing unaffected by sump surface foam or particles in the fluid. The in-process refractometer monitors coolant concentrations. This optimally blends water and coolant to achieve the target concentration. Furthermore, with data collection and analysis tools, you can keep a finger on the pulse of your system’s performance across several key metrics.


Streamlined Implementation

Our team is committed to making the transition to Dazzle™ 2 seamless. We provide a thorough consultation, site visit, and assistance during set-up and final calibration. This assistance persists after implementation, guaranteeing prompt resolution of any inquiries or difficulties. We understand the system and want you to succeed in implementation.


Customizable & Adaptable

Recognizing the diversity of operations in high-volume manufacturing environments, the Dazzle™ 2 system is highly flexible and also configurable. Each system is specifically built to our customer’s requirements and especially their specifications. We know that your operation is different and are here to guide you to the perfect solution.


Invest in Your Future with Dazzle™ 2

As manufacturing executives in an ever-evolving industry, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Investing in the Dazzle™ 2 Coolant Automation System will streamline your operations, reduce waste, and additionally increase profitability. This provides you with a significant competitive advantage.


Let Zebra Skimmers take you into the future of coolant management, unleashing efficiency in your operations. Experience the difference that comes with the expertise and dedication of a company that genuinely understands your needs. With Dazzle™ 2 full service coolant automation, we promise to deliver an unmatched level of coolant management, freeing you to focus on what matters most – taking your operation to the next level.




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