Slash Your Machine Coolant Costs: Innovative Money Saving Tech

Slash Your Machine Coolant Costs: Innovative Money Saving Tech

In today's competitive CNC machining landscape, facilities constantly seek strategies to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. Cost-saving is not merely a financial goal; it's a crucial element that can significantly impact a business's overall sustainability and profitability. As coolant costs continue to rise, facilities are feeling the impact, and there is a push to find ways to reduce these costs.

One effective way to achieve this is through innovative technological solutions that optimize critical processes within these facilities. In this blog, we will explore two technologies that have proven to be game-changers in managing and reducing the rising coolant costs. These solutions are Dazzle™ for coolant automation and Sanborn centrifuges for recycling metal chips from the coolant.

What is Dazzle™

Dazzle™ is a coolant automation system that enhances the management of coolant used in various manufacturing processes. By automating the delivery, maintenance, and monitoring of coolant, Dazzle helps ensure that CNC machines operate efficiently. Other benefits include extending the coolant life and minimizing coolant waste, contributing to significant cost savings.

The Dazzle System working in tandem with centrifuges offer a robust solution for reclaiming metal chips trapped in coolant. These centrifuges separate the chips from the coolant, making it possible to recycle the chips and reuse the coolant.

This blog will explore how these technologies help industrial CNC production facilities cut costs, enhance operational efficiency, and control coolant costs.

Section 1: The Role of Coolant Automation in Cost Reduction

Coolant systems play an integral role in industrial facilities, particularly in manufacturing processes that involve metalworking, machining, and fabrication. Coolants are essential for heat dissipation, reducing friction, and removing metal particles from cutting surfaces, extending the life of the tools and machines. However, managing these coolant systems can be resource-intensive and costly, involving regular maintenance and frequent replacement.

Enter the Dazzle™ Coolant Automation Systems, a modern solution to streamline coolant system management. Dazzle integrates advanced sensing and distribution technologies to automate the monitoring and replenishment of coolant at optimal levels across various machine operations.

How the Dazzle System Works

Dazzle utilizes a combination of sensors and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to monitor the coolant concentration within the machinery continuously. The system automatically adjusts the coolant mixture and flow rate based on predefined parameters, ensuring that each machine receives the correct coolant mixture for optimal performance. This automation minimizes human error and reduces the manual labor traditionally required to check and adjust coolant levels.

Benefits of Automating Coolant Processes

Automating the coolant process with Dazzle offers several key benefits:

  • Consistent Coolant Quality: Dazzle maintains the optimal balance of coolant concentration, which is crucial for machine performance and product quality. Consistent quality reduces tool wear and tear and prevents the production of defective parts.
  • Reduced Waste: Dazzle significantly reduces excess usage and spillage by precisely administering coolant according to machine requirements. This efficiency reduces coolant costs and less environmental impact due to reduced waste generation.
  • Extended Coolant Life: Automated systems like Dazzle can help extend the coolant's lifespan by keeping it clean and properly mixed. This reduces the frequency of coolant changes, lowering the amount of coolant needed to be purchased and reducing associated handling and disposal costs."
  • Increased Machine Uptime: Automated coolant management means fewer unplanned manual checks and maintenance downtime. Machines run more reliably and continuously, enhancing overall productivity and throughput.
Implementing Dazzle can help facilities achieve a more streamlined, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible operation. Automating coolant processes is a strategic investment that pays dividends in reduced operational costs, improved manufacturing precision, and enhanced sustainability.

Section 2: Economic Benefits of Dazzle Coolant Automation

Adopting Dazzle™ Coolant Automation Systems in industrial machining facilities can bring substantial economic benefits, primarily through reduced operational costs and enhanced efficiency. This section provides a detailed analysis of the cost savings associated with Dazzle, supported by real-world case studies and testimonials from facilities that have experienced these benefits.

Detailed Analysis of Cost Savings

  • Reduced Coolant Purchase Costs: Dazzle's precision in maintaining coolant balance wastes less coolant. As a result, the amount of new coolant required over time decreases significantly. Facilities can see reductions in coolant purchases by up to 50%, depending on the previous efficiency of their coolant management systems. Think of the cost savings gained!
  • Lower Disposal Fees: Proper coolant management leads to less frequent changes and disposals, reducing the fees associated with hazardous waste disposal. Since Dazzle extends coolant life, the volume of waste coolant produced is much lower, further diminishing environmental handling fees.
  • Decreased Energy Consumption: Dazzle systems optimize the use of coolant pumps and mixers based on real-time needs rather than running continuously at full capacity. This targeted use of equipment leads to noticeable reductions in energy consumption, thereby lowering electricity bills.
  • Reduced Maintenance and Downtime Costs: With better coolant management, the wear and tear on tools and machinery are reduced significantly, translating into lower maintenance costs and less frequent repairs. Additionally, with systems running more efficiently, the unplanned downtime that can cripple production timelines is markedly reduced.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Study 1: Automotive Parts Manufacturer A mid-sized automotive parts manufacturer implemented Dazzle™ at its facility, resulting in a 50% reduction in coolant-related expenses in the first year. The system reduced the volume of coolant needed and decreased the frequency of machine maintenance due to improved coolant quality. They were able to reduce their labor head count by 2 techs and reassign them to another department.

Testimonial from the Plant Manager: "Dazzle has not only cut our coolant costs but also improved our overall machine reliability. We're seeing fewer breakdowns and much smoother operations. It's been a game-changer in how we manage our production lines."

Case Study 2: Precision Engineering Facility This facility noted a 35% decrease in disposal costs and a 20% improvement in energy efficiency after Dazzle's integration. The precision with which Dazzle managed coolant delivery and maintenance meant that machines operated at optimal conditions with minimal energy waste.

Testimonial from the Operations Director: "Integrating Dazzle into our operations was one of the best decisions we made last year. The system paid for itself in less than nine months through savings on coolant and energy alone. Plus, the environmental benefits align perfectly with our sustainability goals."

These examples highlight the tangible benefits that The Dazzle Coolant Automation Systems bring to industrial machining facilities. The reduction in operational costs combined with the improvement in production efficiency makes Dazzle a compelling choice for manufacturers looking to optimize their production processes and reduce their coolant costs.

Section 3: Recycling Metal Chips with Centrifuges

In the metalworking industry, a persistent challenge is effectively managing the metal chips produced during machining operations. If not managed efficiently, these chips can contaminate the coolant, reduce its effectiveness, and increase maintenance and operational costs. Additionally, metal chips in the coolant can cause significant wear and damage to machinery, resulting in downtime and costly repairs.

Overview of Centrifuges

Centrifuges provide an innovative solution to the problem by separating metal chips from coolants and oils. This allows for the reuse of both. Using centrifugal force, centrifuges can effectively separate solid particles from liquids, purifying the coolant for reuse while collecting metal chips for recycling or disposal.

Section 4: Advantages of Using Centrifuges

Centrifuges offer many advantages that extend beyond the immediate operational efficiencies to encompass significant economic and environmental benefits. These systems enhance the functionality of coolant systems and promote a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to waste management and resource utilization

Some Benefits of Recycling Metal Chips 

Metal chips separated and collected by centrifuges can be sold as scrap metal, generating revenue that can offset the costs of operating the centrifuges and other associated processes. In markets with high scrap metal prices, this can become a substantial income stream, turning waste products into profitable byproducts.
  1. Decreased Disposal Costs: Effective chip recycling significantly reduces the volume of waste that needs to be disposed of. This reduction lowers the costs associated with waste disposal and minimizes the logistical and administrative burdens of managing industrial waste.
  2. Enhanced Equipment Efficiency and Reduced Maintenance Costs: Clean coolant, free of metal chips, leads to better-functioning machinery with fewer breakdowns and maintenance issues. This extends the life of the equipment and reduces the costs related to downtime and repairs, further improving the facility's economic gains.

The use of centrifuges offers a dual benefit framework: it is both economically advantageous and environmentally sustainable, making it an essential component in modern industrial processes. These systems promote a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process, while also supporting global efforts towards environmental conservation and sustainability.

Section 5: Integrating Dazzle and Centrifuges

The integration of Dazzle coolant automation systems and centrifuges represents a strategic convergence of technologies to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability in industrial machining facilities. These systems create a cohesive ecosystem that effectively manages coolant and efficiently recycles waste chips.

Integration of Dazzle and Centrifuge Technologies

  1. Seamless Operations: Dazzle systems can be configured to work in tandem with centrifuges by ensuring that the coolant, once cleared of metal chips, is automatically processed and reused. This integration allows for a continuous cycle of coolant usage and purification, minimizing waste and maximizing coolant life.
  2. Data and Monitoring Synergy: Dazzle systems can be equipped with advanced monitoring tools that provide real-time data on coolant quality and waste production. Integrating these data streams helps optimize the entire manufacturing process, allowing for proactive maintenance and operation adjustments that keep systems running at peak efficiency.

Potential Additional Savings and Efficiencies from Using Both Technologies Together

  1. Enhanced Cost Efficiency: The combined operation of Dazzle and centrifuges can lead to greater cost savings across various fronts—reduced coolant costs, reduced water usage, lower waste disposal fees, decreased downtime, and extended machinery life. Each system complements the other, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  2. Improved Production Capacity: Production capacities can be increased with reduced downtime and more efficient machine operation. This efficiency allows for higher throughput without compromising on quality, directly impacting the bottom line.
  3. Regulatory Compliance and Industry Leadership: By adopting both technologies, facilities comply with stringent environmental and safety regulations and position themselves as industry leaders in innovation and sustainable practices.

By integrating Dazzle, industrial machining facilities can achieve a more streamlined, economically viable, and environmentally friendly operation. This synergy solves practical operational challenges and aligns with broader strategic goals of cost management, resource efficiency, and sustainable development.

This blog has explored the significant benefits of incorporating new tech into industrial processes. These technologies are new, emerging solutions for improving industrial production machining and are integral components of a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing overall operational efficiency, reducing costs, and advancing environmental sustainability.

As we move forward in an era where efficiency and sustainability are paramount, industrial facilities must consider investing in technologies that will improve their bottom line and contribute to a healthier planet. Dazzle offers just that—a forward-thinking solution that addresses both economic and environmental challenges.

We encourage CNC machining facilities to explore the potential of these innovative new technologies. Investing in CNC Coolant automation signifies a step towards operational excellence and a commitment to sustainable industrial practices. Embrace these technologies to transform your operations, achieve significant cost savings, and enhance your environmental stewardship.

Your Next Steps

As we conclude our exploration of the transformative benefits of Dazzle coolant automation systems, the next step for forward-thinking industrial facilities is clear: consider how these innovative technologies can be integrated into your operations to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability.

Dazzle is not merely investments in equipment; it is an investment in the future of your business and the environment.

Explore the Possibilities: Contact providers and request a demo or consultations to see firsthand the impact these systems can have on your operations. Witnessing the effectiveness of Dazzle in action will provide a clearer understanding of their potential.

Calculate the Impact: Consider the potential savings and ROI these technologies could bring to your facility. Click here for a cost-savings calculator.

Plan for Integration: Start planning how these systems can be integrated into your existing processes. Whether you are building a new facility or upgrading an old one, Dazzle™ can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your operations.


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