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We occasionally have contests for the best story, and our latest contest was this past June. The winner was James Owen of Newman Industrial, and you can read his story below. The prize for this contest was $1,000. Congratulations James!

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Thank you, from Zebra!

Success Story Winner ames Owen
James Owen (left) receiving his $1,000 check by Norm Semple, Zebra Representative.

Listen to the congradulatory phone call.  


June 20, 2012

Zebra Muscle™ Coalescer Removing Tramp Oil

James Owen, Zebra Distributor
Newman Industrial Supply, AL

Customer: Snap-On Tools, Elkmont, AL
Zebra Product: Muscle Coalescer

I sold D&D Design a Muscle Coalescer over the phone one day. The skimmer didn't work out for D&D because of the aluminum chips floating which caused the skimmer head to sink. We reordered him 3 Zebra Disk Skimmers and all is well.

[I kept] the used skimmer for demo purposes. That has worked out well. I gave it to Snap On tools in Elkmont, Alabama to test and it worked great for them. So well, they are ordering 2 more to maintain the approximately 50 machines they have on site. Removing the tramp has allowed us to have no requirements for system dumps. Between the Castrol coolant and the excellent skimming abilities, the coolant just continues to work with little to no maintenance. I highly recommend distributors buying a skimmer for testing at customer sites. One test is worth a 1000 opinions.

James Owen Zebra_Muscle Coalescer 20Jun12

Zebra Muscle Oil Coalescer

"I highly recommend distributors buying a skimmer for testing at customer sites. One test is worth a 1000 opinions."

Or in this case $1000.00!



July 3, 2012

Having Issues with Tramp Oil in the Sump

Frank Basile, Zebra Distributor
Tool-Krib Supply Co., W Caldwell, NJ

Customer: Frank Tenbrook, Manly Performance, Lakewood NJ
Machines: Victor V-Turn 20, Victor TNS -1A, Okuma 762E
Zebra Product: Original Disk Skimmer, #LH-300

The customer was having issues with tramp oil in the sump. We recomended the LH- 300 skimmer, after it was installed and running for a while they purchased 2 more units. We are currently looking at belt skimmers for other applications in the shop. Orders to follow.

LH300 Disk Skimmer Frank Basile Zebra disk skimmer original

June 27, 2012

Zebra's Original Disk Skimmer Removing Way Lubes from Coolant

Jaime Tillman, Zebra Distributor
Alro Industrial Supply, Jackson, MI

Customer: Truform Machine, Jackson, MI
Machines: Okuma Lathe, Fadal Mills
Zebra Product: Original Disk Skimmer, #LH-300

The Zebra Skimmers remove way lubes from our coolant which extends coolant life. Also, in slow times if our machines sit for any length of time we leave the skimmers on a timer so they run every so often, this greatly reduces any smell at machine startup time.

LH300 Original Disk Skimmer
LH300 Original Disk Skimmer
Zebra disk skimmer original

June 19, 2012

Dale A. Bond, Zebra Distributor
Alternatives for Industry, FL

Had a shop call they were having trouble with foaming. Got to the shop, coolant percentage was good but foam was a big issue. No high pressure system. Took the screen off the top of the sump and it was filled with chips. Thus not allowing enough coolant in the sump and the pump was recycling air with the coolant producing foam.

June 12, 2012

Roger Harris, Zebra Distributor
PM Industrial, Chatsworth, CA

Customer: LMI Aerospace/Temco, Inc.
Machine: Tusmia CNC Lathe #22
Zebra Product: Oxygenator™, #XBUB5000

They were having problem with what we thought was tramp oil on coolant on all 26 cnc machines they had [which] smelled up shop. They called me in to see what was wrong.  After looking at a couple of the machines, [I] told them to get the tramp oil off.  They were skimming, they said, but still came back.  So I told them I want to clean out one machine and recharge with fresh coolant and monitor it to see what is going on.  We cleaned [it] out with Blasoclean AF and recharged with Blaser Vasco 5000 at 10 on refract and 9.0 on ph.  [We] would check both [chemical parameters] every week to what was going on. The first couple of weeks good- just slight oil on top of coolant.  Third week oil all on top, so skimmed off (refract at 11 and ph 9.0).  Forth and fifth week good- slight oil, then sixth week oil on top.  Pulled sample and sent to Blaser to check. [It] came back fine.  This is a vegetable base oil and is allowed 2% oil separation (normal) and that is what was happening. So we decided to try the Zebra #XBUB5000 to see if it would help, for on this machine the sump did not circulate well.  After three weeks we ran, no oil on top.  We told the maintenance manager [and] he agreed they need to do better maintenance on the machines.  They [are] working to put one on every 10 [machines] in the shop.

April 30, 2012

Switched to the Zebra Muscle, Wheel Skimmer Didn’t Keep Up

Bob Taylor, Zebra Distributor
Application Specialties, Inc., Auburn, WA

Customer: Jacob Brown, Aerostar Engineering, Puyallup, WA
Machine: Hass Vf2
Zebra Product: Muscle™ with Recept™ Intake Attachment

The customer experienced excessive tramp oil contamination and wheel skimmer didn’t keep up, we suggested the Muscle skimmer, they purchased two (2) to split between 4 machines, they had the Hammerhead float and didn’t like the performance, we got a floating box head and they are very happy.

Zebra Muscle Coalescer Zebra Muscle Oil Coalescer

April 16, 2012

Zebra's Oxygenator Controls Coolant Odor On Weekends

Andy Gruber, Zebra Distributor
Hegman Machine Tool, Maple Grove, MN

Machine: Two piece machine sump
Zebra Product: Oxygenator™, #XBUB1200

In this case the customer was complaining about the coolant odor after weekends. They already had a skimmer running on a timer over the weekend. Problem was it was a two piece tank and the second side was not circulating at all. Installing the aerator helped the stale odor from the coolant greatly. It was a very simple solution. I am now working with them to better maintain concentration and PH levels to enjoy even longer sump life.

Zebra Oxygenator Aerator

February 20, 2012

Zebra's Belt Skimmer is "F*#%ing Awesome!"

Matt Smith, Zebra Distributor
Coast Tool, San Leandro, CA

Customer: Andy Gerwin, Eckman Industries, Richmond, CA
Machine: MAZAK Nexus 350
Zebra Product: Belt Skimmer

This shop specializes in high production machining of steel castings. Many of the jobs that run on this machine require the use of tapping fluid. The belt skimmer is very effective at pulling off all the tramp oil and excess tapping fluid that rises to the coolant's surface when the sump has a chance to settle. When asked how the skimmer is performing, Andy replied, "F*#%ing Awesome! Works great!"

Belt Skimmer Matt Smith Eckman Feb12

Zebra Belt Oil Skimmer

"The belt skimmer is very effective at pulling off all the tramp oil..."

February 20, 2012

Zebra's Sidewinder™- Skimming Where Other Skimmers Can't

Don Will, Zebra Distributor
AHB Tooling, Saginaw, MI

Zebra Product: Sidewinder, #ZVA8-11

We had an application where the existing skimmer was not working well. We replaced it with the Sidewinder late afternoon. The customer called upset that the unit was broken. When our sales guy arrived he found that the Sidewinder was working very well and he needed only explain to the customer that emptying the bucket was their only issue. The unit ran over night and you can see the coolant is oil free and the bucket is actually overflowing.

Tube Skimmer Don Will Zebra Tube Oil Skimmer
ZVA8 Sidewinder with Diverter
Zebra Skimmers Oil Diverter

Zebra Tube Oil Skimmer

Sidewinder with Diverter on a parts washer application where fluid is held at ambient temperature.

February 24, 2012

Zebra's Long Reach Belt Skimmer on a Recycle Tank

Maynard Stonger, Zebra Distributor
Stogner Distributing, Clayton, NC

Customer: Dave Henry, Morton Machine, Morton, IL
Machine: DH-800 Recycle Tank
Zebra Product: - Belt Skimmer, #BPF1-24

The skimmer works well to keep the tramp oil out of the dirty side of the recycle tank.

Belt Skimmer Maynard Stogner 24Feb12

Zebra's long reach belt skimmer.

October 28, 2011

They Chose the Sidewinder™ Skimmer Due to Limited Access

Zebra Tube Oil Skimmer Joe Tillman, Zebra Distributor
DR Lubricants, Fort Wayne, IN

Customer: Ron Walker, Robertson EDM, Edgerton, OH
Machine: JohnFord Super Vertical SV -33 and  SV-41
Zebra Product: Sidewinder™, #ZVA8-11

After analyzing the machine sump for which Zebra skimmer would fit their machine application we settled on the ZVA-8-11 rope skimmer due to the limited access of the machine sump opening. The machine coolant was being contaminated with tramp oil with no current method of removal it had built up to the point that the coolant became thick, which was causing operations issues. Chips were stuck in the machining area and could no longer be washed down, we were seeing rust and the fluid was thick and dirty looking. We cleaned out the coolant sump over one year ago and installed the Zebra rope skimmer. We have been trouble free and maintained a low level of tramp oil in coolant sump.

We are very pleased with the performance of the Zebra skimmer and have put one on our new machine we recently purchased. I would recommend the Zebra skimmer to anyone who is having issues with tramp oil problems. We are also pleased with the professional service we have received from the Zebra representative.


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