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Do it Yourself Coolant Sharpening

We've been serving the metalworking industry almost twenty years, starting in a garage with one product. Today we provide the widest range of cost-saving preventive maintenance products along with world-class technical expertise.

Our focus has always been on one of the most unappreciated tools, metalworking fluids. Our central mission is assisting you in making it last. Like endmills and other hard tooling, it works best when kept sharp.

We don't solve coolant problems by ourselves. Our most important partner is you. You live and breathe your problem, and without your assistance we can't suggest the perfect solution. We have other partners as well: our dedicated distributors, their in-house coolant specialists, and a national network of reps. Without them we wouldn't be as strong, and you wouldn't get answers as quickly. You may joke with them when they visit, but remember to thank them the next time they visit. They're saving you money, and that's good for all of us.

Sincerely, Zebra Skimmers Corp.  


Coolant Maintenance



Managing Water Hardness
Hardness Testing Sticks
Hardness Testing Sticks
Keeps your coolant from splitting or gumming up your machine. It's the least appreciated problem.
Managing Concentration
Coolant Refractometers
Optical measurement of coolant concentration and oil content. Your most important measurement.
Economy coolant mixer
Economy Mixer
This mixer uses inserts and is the most affordable.
Machinist's Mixer
Machinist Mixer
This venturi mixes coolant efficiently. Built machinist tough. Comes with a lifetime warranty.
proportioning pump
Proportioning Pumps
Water powered proportioner pumps can mix any coolant and pump almost any distance.
fill station
Fill Station™
An automated coolant mixing and delivery system for industrial fluids. For the automated factory.
Sump Level Sensor
A machine sump level sensor that reports sump levels continuously, preventing accidents and much more.
Managing pH
ph test strips
pH Test Strips
For quick sampling. Early warning for sick sumps.
sump odor control tablets
Odor Control Tablets
Eliminate and prevent odors caused by bacterial decay.
metalworking fluid aerator
Oxygenator™ Aerator
Extend coolant life, reduce foul odors, and help keep oxygen levels high.
circulation pump
Circulation Pumps
Keep your fluids flowing while the machine is down for prevention of bacterial contamination.
Managing Tramp Oil
Metalworking Tube Skimmer
The Sideways Skimmer™
Newest technology oil skimmer can remove oil from anywhere.
Metalworking Belt Skimmer
Belt Oil Skimmer
Our newest design belt-type oil skimmer has a collection tray that is easy to clean. FREE scrapers.
Upgrade your belt-, or tube-type oil skimmer so that it removes ONLY oil from your sump.
lockjaw LockJaw™
The clamp that allows you to mount or move your oil skimmer anywhere in seconds.
GS disk skimmer Smart Disk Skimmer
This smart disk-type oil skimmer removes only oil from your sump, even if on all day. Continuous duty motor. Disk and scrapers guaranteed for life.
Disk Skimmer
Original Disk Skimmer
The classic disk-type oil skimmer comes with a disk and scrapers with lifetime guarantees. Intermittent duty motor.
Muscle oil coalescer Muscle™ Oil Coalescer
This oil coalescer skims, aerates, and filters continuously. Keeps your fluid moving to increase its life.
Oasis portable oil coalescer Oasis™ Portable Oil Coalescer
Diaphragm pump powered, portable skimming system that separates oil first, small particles second.
coalescer intake attachments Intake Attachments
Greatest variety of intake attachments, skimming from almost any sump, using anyone’s equipment.
Additional Products
  Products for Parts Washers
  Muscle Air Compressor Coalescer
hand healing soaps
Uncle Earl's™ Hand Healing Soap™
All natural, moisturizing soap to clean and heal hard working hands.
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