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The problem with Sumps: they lose fluids!

What makes up sump fluids?

  • Mostly water (a 1000 liter sump at 5% concentration contains 950 liters of water)
  • The expensive stuff -- a small amount of coolant concentrate (50 liters in the above example)

Where do these fluids go over the course of a shift?

  • Into the environment through evaporation
  • Carry-off on parts and chips

What then happens to the sump coolant concentration?

  • It goes UP, UP, UP as fluid levels go down, down, down

How do I make up for all that lost fluid?

  • Method 1: Maintenance runs 5 gallon bucket brigades of raw coolant and tops off sumps to the target concentration -- whoa, lot's of hard earned cash being wasted on coolant concentrate - see wasted dollars chart here
  • Method 2: Machine operators pour in make-up fluid at varying concentrations at their individual machining center - see wasted dollars chart here
  • Method 3: Full time fluid specialist maintains all sump fluid levels and concentrations
  • The Zebra DazzLe way
    • Install a DazzLe System
    • Set DazzLe Pump concentration to lowest make-up concentration from a sump at end of shift
      • With a refractometer and a little math
        • Sump at rest, beginning of shift
          • sump volume: 1000 liters
          • sump concentration: 5% (refractometer reading)
        • Sump at rest, end of shift
          • sump volume: 500 liters
          • sump concentration: 8% (refractometer reading)
        • Make-up mixture
          • concentration: 2%
            the math ((1000*.05)-(500*.08))/(1000-500)
          • water: 490 liters -
            the math 500 * (1-.02)
          • coolant concentrate: 10 liters
            the math 500 * .02
    • Start saving money!

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